Getting Hangry!

For my first official post, I thought I’d share the TRUE story to my most favorite burger. It’s not your typical place to get a burger, but when you stare at a menu with a grumbling stomach… you just want that beef with free guac!
But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning…

My then boyfriend Eddie (now husband) and I were at the Scottsdale mall just walking around to pass the time. While walking that enormous mall, I felt a grumble in the pit of my stomach and I thought… I’m getting hungry. But at this early stage in the relationship, I didn’t want to show how much I ate. It’s a girl thing.

By the time I worked up the courage to tell him, I’m practically starving! Instead of eating in the food court like any normal pair, we made the decision to eat somewhere else. Keep in mind, he doesn’t know I’ve been secretly building my hunger for the past hour, so this plan was botched from the start.

We decided to drive down Scottsdale Road until we found a suitable place to dine. Each place we saw, we thought we could do better or it felt out of our price range. We’re in Scottsdale and weren’t rolling deep in dough, so our options were limited.

After about 15 miles we decided to go back around and see if anything stuck our fancy the second time we drove down the street. On this second pass, I saw two restaurants that didn’t seem too full or too deserted. I kept it in mind and thought well tacos are in the restaurant’s name and that doesn’t sound too bad… But is it a bar because of the tequila part of the name?

After another mile or so I decide to speak up and say, “Hey, there was a place back there that didn’t seem too terrible… Should we try it?” I was to the point of shaking due to being hypoglycemic and just needed to eat anything!

I’m not sure if I was testing Eddie’s patience but he graciously agreed to circle back. We arrive at a location called Blanco’s Tacos and Tequila. Another restaurant was on the left called Alexander’s, but it looked painfully empty. But trust Eddie to mention that it must be Sienfeld’s friend’s place! I wasn’t familiar with the show at the time but I knew he meant Jason Alexander. None the less, we felt secure in our decision to eat at Blanco’s since it was aesthetically more us. Meaning it felt casual for 20 year olds.

By this time I am ravenous and just about ready to eat anything and everything! They brought out chips and salsa and I did everything in my power not to attack those chips with gusto. Remember, my boyfriend has to think I’m lady who eats delicately.

I didn’t want to read the menu too hard because I just wanted to place an order quickly. I saw a burger listed and thought YES! It had all the greats; bacon, guac, pico de gallo, chipotle mayo and fries. Did I care that I was in Mexican food restaurant? Nope! I was hangry and needed food before my boyfriend started to see the ugly side of me.

We sat and enjoyed some drinks and chips and noticed how stylish the place was. The waiters and waitresses wore chuck sneakers and all casually dressed. The bar was placed in the center of the restaurant with a nice clean stainless steel look to it. The kitchen was open so you could see the cooking being done and to my benefit a nice long shelf to put newly made food on.

From our corner booth, I had the perfect view for my burger!
Needless to say, when I saw a burger up on top of that ledge, I thought to myself, I need that in my life!!! This is the hangry me thinking. And then I saw another plate placed on the ledge and my mouth salivated at the thought that I would finally eat! The server came and dropped off the food and I politely asked if I could have ranch with my fries? I wanted to show that I could wait. This is girl logic for you. It doesn’t make sense, but you do it anyways! I waited patiently, letting my boyfriend start his meal. I didn’t want to seem too eager. Once that ranch came, I dug in.

I don’t know if it was the hangry part of me, but my taste buds were on FIRE!

The meat was tender and so flavorful! It wasn’t just regular beef in this burger: it was a monstrous slab of ground beef combined to make this delectable piece of heaven. The guac was fresh and had the right balance of lemon and spices that made it pair perfectly with an otherwise simple burger. It wasn’t overpowering with heat but it wasn’t some lame excuse for avocado either. The bun was roasted ever so slightly to give it a slight char that just made everything so perfectly delightful, that it melted in my mouth. Two thick cuts of juicy, chewy bacon was the most excellent part of the masterpiece that is the Blanco Burger!

The fries were good too. And so was the unnecessary ranch.
I tried to savor the flavors! I tried to keep myself gorging down such a delicious burger. But once I started, I couldn’t help myself. All those girlfriend rules just flew out the open windows of Blanco’s and I was floating on a fluffy cloud in burger utopia.

I know what your thinking. You were starving! That burger is probably subpar on any other day and a Big Mac would have tasted the same. Well, I have gone back my friends! And every time I go back I am not disappointed!

Try it for yourself! And their triple berry margarita was a treat as well. But I saved that drink for another day!

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Blanco Tacos and Tequila

Photos from Tucson location:

2905 E Skyline Drive #246, Tucson, AZ 85718

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