Did No One Say, “Bacon”?

I’ve been thinking: Do the stories I write really say anything about the burger? Would readers prefer if I wrote about the burger instead? Give all the juicy details? Pun intended #sorrynotsorry

I’ll tell you about my Peoria Pines burger just because, well, I simply want to describe it and let this blog out for you to read! This burger came recommended by a friend, so I thought, I’ll try it!

See, I woke up on this day with the intention of eating a burger. I knew I was going to eat deliciousness, so I saved myself for the calorie intake. With that in mind, I decided to skip breakfast (my first mistake) and instead went with my husband to get his hair cut. I decided to get a mani pedi next door to pass the time. #yolo

We were meeting up with some friends to play footgolf (it’s like golf, but with soccer balls) in the early afternoon. Needless to say, after two and a half hours in the sun, walking and kicking soccer balls, I was famished! I did eat a granola bar and drink some water and Powerade, but my body needed some food! SUSTANCE! I looked up the burgers on the menu only, and decided on a classic cheeseburger! No, not just the cheeseburger, but the applewood, smoked, bacon cheeseburger! #becauseican

When I got my burger, I was intrigued because it was adorably small! Now, I mean that in a wide sense. It wasn’t very wide in diameter and I thought, this is like a backyard BBQ sized burger. Cute.

But then I saw how tall it was! This burger, tho small, was thick with juicy beef and I was thrilled at the difference of proportions! The fries, tho not too many, were nice and golden. I tried to wait for the others in the group to get their food before I just tore into that bad boy, but I felt that nibbling on some fries would be polite enough. #imalady

They looked perfect and tasted it too! They were hot and crisp outside and soft and warm inside. Delicious! I dipped them into my side of honey mustard because you know, YOLO! I felt I deserved these extra calories… sort of.

That honey mustard was pretty delighting as well! It didn’t look like normal honey mustard so I won’t lie, I was skeptical, but it tasted so good! It helped me eat more fries than I wanted to before others got their food. I said I’d TRY to be polite.Β #dontjudge

Once everyone’s plate was set down, I just couldn’t wait any longer! I opened wide and smashed that thing in my face! Mmmmm so good! The meat was perfectly cooked for being so thick! So juicy and soft; I so far, was not disappointed!

I’m thinking about how the fresh lettuce and tomatoes really help with the crunch and those pickles were plentiful and delicious! Then, as I took another bite of this delectable burger, I realized… where’s the crunch from the bacon?

I lift bun while chewing, look for some bacon, nothing. Still chewing, I lift the meat, pickles, no bacon. I finally finish my second bite of burger and realize, I have no bacon! I’m not gonna lie, I felt dissatisfied. It was all going so well and then, missing bacon was a little disheartening.

The server was going by and noticed my sad face and asked, “Is everything okay?”

“I thought I ordered the bacon cheeseburger. This doesn’t have any bacon.” I shake it off, “It’s okay tho.”

“No, no! I can bring you bacon on the side, that’s not a problem!” I agree to wait and nibble some more on my perfectly fried fries. Those haven’t disappointed! But they are becoming fewer…

When I got the bacon I saw 4 slices of beautifully, sizzling, thick cut bacon! I add the slices to the under part of my burger and viola! The burger was perfect again! I bite into it and… the bacon wasn’t as great as I thought. #isuck

Did they look perfect on the plate on their own? Sure! Were they every bacons’ dream of being thickly cut? Oh yea! Then why was it not perfect for me? Call me crazy, but the bacon was a little tough! I was fighting the bacon when I bit down to break off!

I decided to eat my burger without the bacon and just eat bacon alone on the side so as to not disturb my burger eating experience. The cheeseburger (now that it didn’t have bacon, again) was superb! I really enjoyed it and had no shame eating it all! I left bit of bun so I didn’t look too much like porker.

In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed my burger from Peoria Pines! The service was so kind to give me extra bacon and I did feel bad that I didn’t eat said bacon in my burger, but I appreciated the efforts none-the-less! The burger looked small, but was a pleasant size to really enjoy all the flavors the beef patty had to offer. The melted cheese was delicious and spot on and paired well with all the fresh ingredients within this burger. Now, I didn’t have the onions because raw onions? Eck! But other than that, I had the cheeseburger as it was.

Two thumbs up for this cheeseburger AND honey mustard! Don’t judge it by it looks, because it was delectable! #YUM

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