What is “The Burger Chronicles”?

The idea for this blog came about when I was talking to my cousin about how many burgers I had eaten that week (it was 5 in 7 days). And he said, “Oh my God, cousin! You should have a food blog!”

At first I thought he was joking. How could I have a food blog? I love eating burgers, but I don’t know how to blog… The more I thought about it tho, the more I started to convince myself that perhaps this good blog could be fun! At the very least, give me more opportunities to eat burgers!

My cousin then started to come up with names and concepts for what I could post.  I wanted it to be specific to burgers and he came up with, The Burger Chronicles: A reader’s digest to food. I spoke to my husband about the idea and he too was on board! He may not like burgers as much as I do, but he likes eating my french fries.

He suggested that I create made up stories for each location and burger.  He reminded me of how much I loved writing fiction and making up stories, that it sounded pretty legit to me! Thus the creation of this site!

From there, I created a new Instagram page, a blog site, and hopefully soon, a Twitter! NOw I go to new places in search of great burgers!  Sometimes they are bars, local restaurants, or places recommended.  Either way, I feel like I can’t lose with a burger meal!

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